Service Descriptions

Estate Sale – Commonly referred to as a “Tag” sale; Doug and his associates will stage your contents inside your home, or the home of your loved one, and “tag” each individual piece with a price that they feel is a fair market value. Items will be organized by category, small valuable items encased in display units, and family personal items set aside for the family to disposition after the sale. Dates will be established for the Estate Sale, and confirmed with the family – typically an estate sale, depending on the volume, will run either two or three days. Doug and his professional staff will be on site for the duration of the sale to monitor, clerk and assist buyers. You, as the seller, can sit back and relax while Full Circle handles every detail!

Estate Auction – Unlike a “tag” sale, an Estate Auction is handled completely different. Doug and his associates will assume the responsibility of organizing your contents in preparation for an Auctioneer to sell to the highest bidder. If possible, the auction will be held on the lawn at the location of the contents. If space is not available to hold the auction on location, contents will be moved to an indoor venue or auction house. Doug and his staff of professionals will organize, clean, display and facilitate the auction from start to finish… they even handle the lunch/concession stand!

Consignment – Just have a few things you need to sell? Talk to Doug about the option of Consignment. Periodically, Doug may have a smaller Estate Auction where it would be possible to combine your contents into the listing to enhance the sale. Your items will be kept separate from other consignment items, have a separate lot number, and be sold separately. This is the perfect way to clean up odd pieces in your collection, or to empty a small storage space.

Total Buy-Out – This option becomes important to individuals who are living in another state, or just cannot allocate the time it takes to plan, prepare and organize either an Estate Sale or Auction. With this option, Doug and his associates will view the contents you wish to sell, and based on the combined knowledge of value, will make you an offer to purchase the entire contents of the home, estate, storage unit, basement, attic, or shed. Once a price is agreed upon, Full Circle will issue payment to the owner(s), enter a contract of sale, and set a date by which they will have all contents removed from the premises. 1,2 3… you’re done!