Full Circle Testimonials

“I have been working with Denny and Doug before Full Circle Estate Services came to be. They were so incredible at helping us settle my in-laws estate, that they decided to help others! I could not have done it without them,especially since I live 2000 miles away!

They are so knowledgeable with how to go about handling all the affairs of trust property and they do it with such compassion and kindness during what is such an extremely difficult time. They were always prompt to respond to our questions, they paid such close attention to all the details and there is no one I trust more than Denny and Doug with precious family treasures.

I highly recommend Full Circle Estate Services….they treat you like family.”

-Kemp Trust


“So, what does one do when they are left in charge of the estate of an old family friend who’s next of kin lives several states away, and is relying on you to make sure that all three floors and the basement of his mother’s Victorian home is completely liquidated? This house was filled from basement to attic with years and years of collecting, inheriting and crafting. I knew the value of some items, but not of others. I could identify periods, but not pottery and china marks, and had no clue what to do with many of the items that were out of my realm of interest. I had already spent countless days trying to organize and assess the contents, but frankly, there was too much! It was so overwhelming, I’d find myself walking in, spinning my wheels, and having to leave in frustration because I didn’t feel like I was ever getting anywhere. I invited several people in for advice, and all of them had their own ideas on what I should do, but none had a clear game plan until I spoke with Full Circle Estate Services.

Doug and Denny laid out a game plan, and stuck with it. I literally handed them the keys to the front door, and didn’t come back until the day of the sale! We agreed that an Auction was our best bet, as when it is over, everything belongs to someone else. There’s no residual items that you have to donate or bring in a dumpster for at the end of the sale. They disposed of all the trash, cleaned and polished all the furniture, washed glassware and dishes that hadn’t been cleaned in many years, researched select pieces to establish reserves, staged the auction for best presentation, handled all advertising, provided lunch, secured permits from the powers that be, and worked endless days to make sure my auction was a total success. I couldn’t be happier, nor could the family. Remarkable job, remarkable guys! The ONLY way to go is Full Circle Estate Services! Trust me, I found out first hand!”

– B.C.


“When my mother passed, my wife and I were left with the lion’s share of the responsibility for handling the arrangements and determining what should be done with her household. Mom was a humble lady, but loved antiques and collectibles. I knew my siblings were going to want keepsakes, just as I did, and that once we were finished there wouldn’t be a lot left. My siblings and I all agreed that above all we did NOT want the hassle of having to organize and stage a sale of any kind. That’s when God sent us Doug and Denny from Full Circle Estate Services!

In one clean swoop, they came in and gave us our options for liquidating the house and two storage sheds. At the end of the conversation, we opted to go with their “Total Buy Out” plan. They took the time to assess the contents, and gave us a price that we found to be more than fair for what we had remaining in the estate, considering the condition of many of the items. At that point and time, we were finished! We didn’t have to lift a finger. They handed us a check, and we gave them the keys. We agreed on a final date by which the house would be empty so we could place it on the market and walked away. They were honest, trustworthy, dependable and above all, kind and considerate to our family. When they found personal items, they sat them aside and made sure that we were aware of their existence before considering them a part of their purchase. Without them, we would have lost my Grandmother’s marriage certificate, and several old family photos. Thanks, Full Circle! If we’re ever faced with this situation again, it’s great peace of mind to know that with one phone call, the stress will simply go away!”

– T & V


“I want to thank you for taking on my parents estate.  I could not have done it or asked for a better relationship during this transaction.  You were considerate of my parent’s feelings and my timeline since I live over 100 miles away.  You came up with a plan to have an estate sale, auction, followed by the Sale of the house and I didn’t have to anything after that until the final sale of the house.  I gave you keys to the house and you took care of everything.  Including running to get some paperwork completed for the sale of the house.

The time and effort you put into researching all the collectibles they had was overwhelming since I did not know or have the time to evaluate them.  You even suggested different options of selling the collectibles and valuable possessions to get the most value for them.

I could not have completed this without all of your help and can’t thank you enough.   You even found a painting that was valued way more than I thought it was.   Your professionalism even found some items that we had missed during our initial cleanup.  You took the time and called to make sure they were really meant to go into the sale.  Even though not everything sold in the estate sale it was taken care of through the estate sale /auction. I didn’t have to come down and do a final clean up.  My mother was more than pleased of the process and it seemed what made insurmountable quite easy.

Thank you Denny and Doug for all the hard work.   I would highly recommend Full Circle Estate Services for your needs.”

– Wernecker Estate